Software development

We are software architects and developers

»The secret of getting ahead is getting started.«

This quote by Mark Twain applies equally well to the field of software development. Above all, our strength lies in the precise analysis of the current situation and subsequent finding of solutions in close consultation with our customers. In many companies, we encounter structures that have grown over the course of the company’s history. This means that they always purchase new software programs to solve specific tasks or create countless tables that do not deliver the data contained in them on a company-wide level and always have to be laboriously synchronized by hand. This is often time-consuming, error-prone and a textbook example of how digitization is not supposed to work. Modern IT systems make use of the possibilities provided by the »cloud« and networking. In close consultation with our customers, we develop solutions that are optimally adapted to your company and integrate them »step by step«, accompanied by extensive training of their employees. Their acceptance of the new possibilities and resulting routine handling of them are key prerequisites for the success of our measures.

FP MONITORING is our management portal for vehicle fleets, machines, containers, tank systems, maintenance processes in the workshop and digitalisation processes. Information can be provided in real time via the installed hardware. This can be simple geo-positions, but also extended parameters such as the “charge status” or “remaining range” of an electric vehicle. In addition, data can be entered manually, but also exchanged via import and export interfaces to third-party systems. FP MONITORING is therefore able to create qualified reports and analyses based on reliable data from many data sources. And it’s not just about vehicles – FP MONITORING also monitors the fill levels of refuelling systems, reports if the level falls below the reporting or minimum fill levels, displays fill levels in real time and keeps an automatic fill level history. Objects without their own power supply, such as containers, can also be monitored. A reminder function for maintenance intervals ensures that you do not lose track even with a large fleet of vehicles.

The eMON portal is our energy management software. It offers site management as well as the recording of all consumption, objects and measuring points. On the path to the energy transition, it is a central tool and factual basis for strategy development, but also for later documentation of success and report generation. eMON is also able to record data automatically and use technologies such as LoRaWAN or Narrow Band IoT for sensor integration. To optimally support your digitalisation project, eMON is able to exchange data bidirectionally with third-party systems via interfaces.

Software interfaces

We design our software openly and create interfaces to your other programs or your cloud, for example, in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. We believe that digitization can only be successful if data is exchanged between different systems and is therefore also available for use throughout the company.

Cloud / cloud computing

Cloud computing is an IT resource that is made available via the Internet. Unlike for the classic, local server/client IT architecture, you only need a PC or tablet with Internet access and a web browser – we take care of everything else. Our FP MONITORING system and the eMON portal are based on this technology and are offered as ‘software as a service’. This means that FaktorPlus is responsible for operation, maintenance and updates. On your part, this means minimal expenditure for hardware and IT staff as well as fast project implementation.

IoT, i.e. »Internet of Things«

The »Internet of Things« makes it possible to connect virtual objects with physical ones by means of a network and to allow them to work together in a global network by means of communication or information technologies. Both our FP MONITORING system and the eMON portal use this technology. For example, they will notify you when filling levels are low (reorder level / minimum stock), transmit meter readings, monitor e-charging stations or monitor and log temperature fluctuations. The range of potential applications is huge and often easier and faster to implement than expected.