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Competencies through comprehensive support

»Strive for the impossible to achieve the possible«

»Strive for the impossible to achieve the possible«

We analyze, measure, consult, design and execute tailor-made solutions for you to provide you with the best support possible. Thanks to our own range of products, as well as the constantly expanding network of contacts that we have been building for years, we offer a full complement of skills and know-how. As your partner, we always act in the customer’s best interest, ensuring that the goals, as defined with you in advance, remain our main focus and are achieved consistently. Our key competencies relate to local passenger public services, disposal and recycling, transport, and industry, however, we are willing to face new projects and challenges – we always find something to optimize.

We tailor our solutions to your current situation

»We are here to stay«

For an organization to rise effectively to the challenges of the energy system transformation, it needs, in our opinion, not only real action or a single means, but a long-term, carefully devised strategy which, depending on the customer, may vary a great deal. Some companies have already begun implementing their climate goals, while others are still at the outset of the journey. Thanks to focused consulting, we will show you exactly what activities are recommended in case of your company. In close consultation with you, we will develop a concept including a number of individual steps that are realistically achievable in your business operation. As your partner, we will be at your side all the way, provide necessary corrections and monitor the course of events, as well as its effectiveness.

Our offer for you

One-stop services for your individual climate strategy

  • Monitoring

    Review of all relevant processes and data in real time using our FaktorPlus FP MONITORING platform

  • Digitization

    Permanent digitization of your climate protection strategy, as well as all data as essential in this respect, by means of a software / application customized to suit your company’s needs

  • Integration into a network

    Cloud-based interfaces provide integration of the staff, the company’s business segments and branches into a network

  • Compatibility

    Easy integration (»SaaS«) and combination with existing software and interfaces

FaktorPlus CO2

»A perfect interplay, like a jigsaw puzzle, where all parts mesh together«

The patented system FaktorPlus CO2 combines both products and services and is tailored to the customer’s organization’s needs. Its aim is to harmonize environmental sustainability and economic development. Based on our first analysis, we develop a mix of desirable components, present some environmental and economic scenarios, and take care of the integration (a progressive one if need be) and efficiency control

The system may be expanded in a flexible manner, as well as extended in a few stages, also to include products and services of third-party contractors or suppliers. All activities combine to ensure the success on several levels. Our products have been tested for use efficiency and security, are certified (TÜV, DEKRA, among others) and carefully selected to provide for maximum effectiveness when working in combination. The FaktorPlus CO2 system is not used just once, but it is a long-term, constant-application activity package, controlled for its efficiency by means of permanent monitoring and precise customization, as agreed with our customers. Thanks to this, we can assure that you will be able to take advantage of new technical solutions and integrate these quickly to your benefit.

Success is measurable – thanks to monitoring

»We cannot change the wind direction, but we can hoist our sails differently«

Solid facts should lay the foundations for a good business decision. Many a time, however, internal processes, once implemented and accumulated throughout the years, are no longer adapted to present-day solutions and the process of permanent digitization. Outdated software systems produce isolated solutions, oftentimes lagging behind the integrated concept, whereas the traditional customer server license management frequently results in important data not being accessible in a transparent manner where needed.

For this reason, FaktorPlus employs its own team of designers who are improving both our software systems, »FP MONITORING« and »Portal eMON«, on an ongoing basis. We adhere to the SaaS (»Software as a Service«) strategy which, as a cloud-based operation, can be integrated with a company’s existing environment in a customer-friendly manner. Both portals optimally support the digital transformation in your organization and, besides, can be extended with applications and reports, developed individually to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

5 qualities of a perfect software:

# 1

Easy to use

The software is a must-have for all employees: from the workshop staff up to the management board. Everyone should be able to operate the software and integrate it.

# 2

Quick access to information

Using the software, you can optimize processes and tasks. That is why the program is clear and understandable for everyone, so as not to waste too much time to understand it.

# 3

Ability to react

The device much be easily accessible and usable without limitations for employees, both from their computers and tablets and mobile phones used by mobile workers.

# 4


The software must be able to cooperate at any time with all programs already used in the organization via an up-to-date API (an application programming interface; a data cloud), to offer you a greater added value.

# 5

Generating profit

The application of these new processes will be much more effective as compared to existing solutions. At the same time, they are based on known processes to avoid a long phase of switching to the new solutions and any resulting user impediments. Every user will be able to take advantage of the added value of these solutions instantly.